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VDF or Tremix is a bad idea now ...

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VDF or Tremix is a bad idea now ...

Construction Solutions.
Published by Hemant in Industrial Flooring · Tuesday 24 Dec 2019
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A note regarding your next concrete floor.

If you or your organization is planning a project having Industrial / Warehouse concrete floor in near future then read this article for a low down.

VDF or Vacuum Dewatered Flooring also commonly known as “Tremix” flooring is actually an outdated system since 2010 ...

If you or your consultant are still using the same specs that were meant to be used when R.M.C was not popular or basically water was just added to the concrete to make it easier to spread for flooring purposes, then you need to look at following facts.

Hope this table gives you a gyst of things in current scenario. Casting a floor is a serious business due to its importance as a backbone of business profitability matrix.

We have stopped using our VDF systems now, as the technology is now available to give better quality output for flooring.

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